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roadmagic4cover"Well, imagine this, looking out your office window one fine afternoon, suddenly decide this kind of life isn't for you, so you get up, you get on a motorcycle and start a road trip that never really ends. That's exactly what one woman did twenty-three years ago... a dedicated traveler who just finished her fourth book highlighting a unique set of adventures."
GALEN CULVER, NBC TV NEWS - News Channel 4, Oklahoma City

"Susan Foss, her long dark hair pulled back in a ponytail, a billed cap shading her tanned face, rides coast to coast, border to border on a wing and a prayer... The 'wing' is a big, red 1986 Honda Goldwing, and the prayers are of thanksgiving for all the beautiful scenery and friendly people the Boston native meets along the way..."



Illustrated: Soft-Cover with 'Perfect Binding'

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